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◊ Facilitates the visualization of the entire Building Life Cycle Management far before the ground breaking.
◊ Increases the design collaboration and communication between the members of the AEC industry such as Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors.
◊ Facilitates 4D Visualization (where time is the fourth dimension) by including the time schedules of activities in the BIM.
◊ Construction planning and Management by combination of design and construction.
◊ Ease in producing of high quality, accurate and precise construction documents.
◊ Conflict detection between various services before the starting of construction phase.
◊ Risk Mitigation by timely conflict detection.
◊ Cost and Time Saving as most of the problems are detect before the commencement of construction
◊ Accurate extraction of material quantities etc helps in elimination of waste which results not only in cost saving but speeds the construction process.
◊ Improves Quality and Accuracy of the entire Building Life Cycle Management.
◊ Acts as a digital database in which change in one view is automatically reflected through out the drawing in entire project.