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Revit services are labor intensive & time consuming, thus by using the latest technologies, economies of scale & the advantage of low cost high talent manpower pool in India, we at Revit Service reduce operating & administrative costs. We pass on this cost advantage to our customers thereby providing them with low cost and very cost effective BIM service which includes drawing, drafting, designing and modeling services.

We have a flexible way of billing. We can offer option of choosing between-
a. Fixed cost per assignment
b. Work on an agreed hourly rate for the project

Our hourly rate per man-hour varies depending on the type of CAD service provided, however hourly rates are applicable for projects exceeding 100 hours of time, regular clients and where the estimation of time is difficult because of the nature of the project:


Basis of Billing

Paper to CAD Conversion

Per Sheet Size & Density

2D Architectural Drawings, Construction Document set

Per Project OR per sq. ft.

Shop drawings for Glazing & Cladding

Per Sheet Size & Scale

Architectural 3D Modeling and Rendering

Size,Complexity & Number of views


Time duration in seconds

Engineering Drawings

Per Project

However each job has to evaluate in totality based upon the specific requirements. The actual quotation/estimate can only be provided after receiving the scope of work.

If any project requires specialized technical or design support from an Engineer or Architect, his charges will be extra and are not a part of the above table.

Revisions and/or changes:

Any revisions required that are our mistakes or those we would miss: No Charge

Any revisions required that vary from original information received: Will be charged at the hourly rates for the no. of extra hours required.

Hard copies/CD’s etc.. will be charged separately.

For faster turn around time express charges will be applicable.