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Revit Services is well known for its dedicated, reliable, secure and high quality structural design and analysis services. Our professionals form a detailed and complete understanding of your structural drawings and sketches. They assist you in eliminating risks and increasing the predictability and resourcefulness of your structural engineering services. A combination of strong engineering design skills and technical expertise helps our team detect flaws and problem areas easily and work with you to deliver flawless and high quality structural designs.

The team comprising engineering professionals with rich exposure in design and analysis, and managed by experts is bound to deliver greater quality structural design and analysis services. Add to their prowess, their dedication and commitment to increase the value of your structural designs, you can rest assured of project success on all counts.

We offer specialized structural analysis solutions for almost all structures: concrete, steel and wood.

Steel Structures
◊ Commercial Buildings
◊ Industrial buildings such as

a. Power plants
b. Chemical plants
c. Refineries (Oil & Gas)
d. Pipe Racks
e. Cement Processing Units
f. Belt Conveyor Systems

◊ Institutions, such as

a. Educational Institutes
b. Universities
c. Schools

Reinforced Concrete Structures
◊ High Rise and Low rise Structures such as
◊ Residential Buildings
◊ Commercial Buildings
◊ Industrial Plants and Buildings
◊ Water supply and waste water treatment plants with elevated reservoirs
◊ Educational Institutes, Universities and Schools
◊ Hospitals

Wooden Structures
◊ Residential Buildings
◊ Commercial Buildings

Precast Panel Structures
◊ Commercial Buildings
◊ Commercial Buildings

Modular Structures
◊ Rehabilitation of existing structures
◊ Monuments
◊ Bridges
◊ Walls

We manage large-volume and ongoing structural analysis and design projects for large engineering firms, and are also adept at managing time critical and short term structural analysis work requirements.

Outsource to us, eliminate worries and increase benefits.