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Provide BIM (Building Information Modeling) Services such as contractor models, condition surveys, facility management, interiors including FFE, and laser surveys converted to BIM.

BIM Model should learn from established modelers and give you the ability to create a simple friggin model without headaches. For custom work this is key! Better yet, it would also be great to add some sort of hierarchy view to the family editor so that you can create sophisticated 3d models (their solids and voids) and edit them efficiently.

◊ Ability to field survey, as-build and update BIM Model model for Architectural and MEP services
◊ Produces drawings within project standards from sketches, layouts and notes for 3D.
◊ Develops drawings and conceptual plan studies within discipline and/or project standards with little guidance from others.
◊ Prepares design modifications from provided sketches and data.
◊ May serve as a lead designer in small projects. Provides information to facilitate assignments to others?