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BIM – The New Era of Construction

By, BIM Model Services Team

Over time everything changes. To cope up with the changing skyline of the city we always hone for new technologies. And this haunting of the architectural, engineering and construction or AEC industry is end at Building Information Modeling or BIM. This is the ultimate tool for the AEC industry to win a bid, planning for the construction, budgeting for it and after all finishing the project within given time frame and cost. BIM is not any software; it is a procedure of getting relevant information about any construction project in the designing phase.

There are many benefits of using BIM service in the construction project. With the help of this, the designer can see into the building with all its components. They can also view the building from all sides, and can even see how the building looks at different times of day and night. In short they can take a 3D tour of the building and all its facilities far before the ground breaking. BIM produces super speed, quality productivity and efficiency to the project. There are better coordination and smooth communication among the designer team, architects, engineers, contractors, building owner and stake holders. They can share the useful information along with the electronic models with each other. With the help of the BIM, the contractors and designer can foresee the conflict in the design. This clash detection and mitigation is a very useful aspect for the contractor. This saves money as well as time both of the stake holders and the building owners.

The Evolution:
BIM experts are now using a short of shorthand when reffering to the evolution of BIM by adding a ‘D’ which refers dimension. Here you can get a clear idea about all the ‘D’ of BIM.

◊ 2D – This is the flat drawing from AutoCAD.
◊ 3D – This is the added dimension of width which makes its look real time
◊ 4D – Adding the aspect of time
◊ 5D – Adding the aspect of Cost to the project
◊ 6D – The concept of life cycle Management

BIM Services:
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Building Information Modeling or BIM is a very useful procedure for the AEC industry. With the help of BIM, they not only win the bid of the project but also get success in the projects by completing the project within given time frame and budget.