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How to do take-offs on precast concrete

By, BIM Model Services Team

Precast concrete quantity is normally take-off by area and length costs of precast concrete products may be quoted by a manufacturer on a delivery and installation basis. Usually a high powered pressure washer will take off on precast concrete rather easily. Depending on the pressure of the washer, yes some residential and consumer pressure washer models can do it.

Industrial and professional water blasting machines can remove anything from concrete, including the concrete. So, if you cannot get the take off with a consumer model, and you just have to get it off, consider engaging a commercial and industrial pressure washing contractor.

Precast concrete is formed, placed, and cured in separate forms elsewhere, and set into a specified location after gaining enough strength. Precast concrete can be made in a concrete manufacturing. Precast concrete is popular because it provides a faster construction method. However, certain skills in placing and storing precast concrete.

recast concrete is based on its types of structural member of which there are four major types namely slabs, beams, columns and tilt up panel.