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BIM – the new way to save time and money in construction project

Construction project always counts as a huge project in terms of money and time. It takes a good number of days and cost to make a project successful. From preconstruction to post construction time and money are always the two factors which add worry in the life of architects as well as building owners. Many times we can find out the instances that many projects run out of money in the middle of construction or it has not completed during the given timeframe. In this position if the architects find a solution which saves money as well as time for the construction then that would be surely a god send gift for them. With the advent of newer technology now this is possible. And Building Information Modeling or BIM is the gift of new technology which makes it happens.

BIM saves money as well as time not only in the pre construction stage of any construction project but also in the whole life cycle of the project. The main attraction of building information modeling is creating high standard design in less time with great accuracy and less financial risk for the client. Most of the time the end result of the BIM service is savings of time and money of the client for project. With the help of BIM not only we get fast and accurate 3D models but also automatically and immediately can record any of the changes in the plan in the pre construction stage. Design updates that before could take up to two weeks for all disciplines to acknowledge and record, now only takes a matter of minutes.

Coordination errors, often the source of countless change orders are minimized if not eliminated by all disciplines working simultaneously in one virtual model in real time. BIM has the capacity to of running interference checks within the program, automatically identifying coordination issues between building elements. This feature of BIM has increased drawing accuracy and has contributed significantly to major reductions in change order in the field.

For real time cost estimate, the cost data can be incorporated in to the model as soon as the change has made. Designers, builders and clients can evaluate how much money their building is costing as design solution change and or become more refined by facilitating the production of frequent cost estimates. During meetings, clients are able to see different scenario and compare them for aesthetics and cost inspirations.

BIM also saves a huge amount of time in documentation for architects and construction managers by allowing for more time to concentrate on the production of creative design. Now BIM makes it possible for clients to have multiple interactive solutions rather than just one in the same time frame. On the other hand, the integration inherent in the use of BIM leads to greater efficiency and accuracy in the design and construction project, reducing actual construction schedules.

Revit Services is one of the leading name in providing BIM services which reduce your project production time and cost and enhance quality. Using BIM creatively enables Revit Services to develop solutions so well integrated and coordinated that it lessens the building time because of increased efficiency which is something every business offices can value.

Building Information Modeling or BIM is a wonderful way to cut down time and cost of the construction project. The designer can spend more time producing new and innovative design for the project.