How import point clouds with BIM Model?

Point Cloud for BIM Model and CAD is a plug-in for CAD to ability to process point clouds. You can import a point cloud into BIM Model as it is or fit a surface that passes through the points to recreate the original object. This is ideal for reverse engineering and GIS applications. There are different ways of fitting a surface depending on the nature of the point cloud.

Point Cloud for BIM Model CAD also has the ability to compensate for Probe diameter. There is an inherent error with probe based scanners since they digitize points at the center of the probe. Point Cloud for BIM Model takes care of this very efficiently. Point Cloud for BIM Model has a wizard that helps you process point clouds. When working with the wizard you can switch to "Expert" mode at any time point cloud for BIM Model is very easy to use.

Pointools Model imports point clouds via POD files into the CAD environment and displays the points in the view port with various controls over shading and visibility. Applications include drawing or modeling from point clouds or viewing a proposal within a point cloud.

Point cloud data can be difficult to interpret and the plug-in offers a range of shading options to deliver clarity in almost any situation. These include point lighting and rescaling the point intensities to bring out detail. Each view port can have its own shading which can really help on more complex projects.