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3 Reasons You Should BIM

BIM, the acronym for building information modeling, is transforming the architecture and design world. It is quickly becoming the standard for conceptualization, client presentation, and building engineering and construction. 

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Here are three reasons why integrators should embrace BIM:

  1. The ability to capture imagination in the design phase of a project is important for any AV integrator.  Designers and specifiers are finding the benefits of BIM key to client relationships for repeat business, faster budget approvals, project delivery and unique designs that keep competitors locked-out.  The same benefits can be realized by integrators as well.

The ability to visualize a space without lifting a hammer creates valuable benefits to architects, structural engineers, contractors, fabricators and their clients, minimizing potentially expensive errors and rework.   3D visualizations can also improve client approval rates and increase project budgets because clients can envision a space in its entirety before value engineering the innovation out of the project.  As evidence, BIM is consistently ranked by architects as a top way to improve their return on investment in technology with 62 percent of users perceiving a positive ROI....

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