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The Value of BIM - When is a “Standard” not a standard

?There are currently around 150 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standards that exist across the United States right now.  The definition of a standard:

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It is interesting to look at this because the two definitions from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary both challenge and support my position on BIM Standards as they exist today.  At our recent Cincinnati BIM User Group meeting, of which I am a chairperson, we were reviewing the results of the McGraw-Hill SmartMarket report for 2012. 

So what about this all encompassing standard for everyone?  Why can’t we get a standard that applies to everyone, every type of project, and every possible project delivery method?  The answer to the question resides in the title of this blog post, “When is a Standard, not a standard?”.  We must look to the first part of the definition above: