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BIM Process Used to Design Stadium That Will Host 2012 European Football Championship

15th October 2009

SAN RAFAEL - CAD, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), a world leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, has announced that Autorska Pracownia Konstrukcyjna "WOJDAK" has been selected to receive an CAD BIM Experience Award for being one of the first companies in Poland to adopt a BIM (Building Information Modeling) process, and use CAD software to base projects on a central digital model to integrate design and analysis.

The award also recognizes the firm's exemplary application of BIM on the new 44,000-seat Baltic Arena Sports Stadium in Gdansk that will host the 2012 European Football Championship. Founded in 1999, and based in Gdansk, Poland, Autorska Pracownia Konstrukcyjna "WOJDAK" offers structural engineering services and specializes in the custom design of complex steel and reinforced concrete structures.

For the Baltic Arena Sports Stadium, Autorska Pracownia Konstrukcyjna "WOJDAK" used a BIM process and CAD BIM Model Structure software to quickly develop its reinforced concrete structural model in just two days. Importing the BIM Model Structure design model of the stadium into CAD Robot Structural Analysis software for structural analysis enabled the design team to more quickly test many design variations, resulting in a higher-quality structural design.

During the new stadium's design development phase, the firm's engineering team relied on BIM Model Structure to better visualize the emerging design. Working on the design in a 3D modeling environment, the team could see more precisely how all the elements of the design came together, resulting in a faster and more accurate design process. The firm was also able to improve collaboration and communication with its client by using the BIM Model Structure model to create photorealistic renderings of the arena for project reviews. During project reviews, the extended project team used the BIM Model Structure model to more quickly investigate potential changes and resolve design issues, resulting in faster, more informed decision making.

"We rely on BIM and CAD BIM solutions to increase the efficiency of structural design and analysis workflows," said Ryszard Wojdak, founder of Autorska Pracownia Konstrukcyjna "WOJDAK." "By taking full advantage of the integration of BIM Model Structure and Robot Structural Analysis software, we estimate that the person-hours associated with creating the design models for the stadium, and performing the structural calculations, were reduced by almost 85 percent."

The CAD BIM Experience Award celebrates professionals and educators around the world who are helping to drive industry transformation through building information modeling. CAD honors organizations for their innovation, leadership and excellence in implementing BIM with the help of core BIM products, including one or more of the CAD BIM Model platform products and/or CAD Civil 3D software, and other CAD products that complement the BIM process, such as CAD software.

BIM is an integrated process that allows architects, engineers and builders to explore a project digitally before it's built. Coordinated, reliable information is used throughout the process to design innovative projects, accurately visualize appearance for better communication, and simulate real-world performance for better understanding of important characteristics such as cost, scheduling and environmental impact.

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