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How BIM Modeling is Beneficial for Building Construction Projects

BIM or Building Information modeling is a concept that has turned out to be a boon for the engineers who anxiously envisage project’s vital physical and functional characteristics digitally – even before it comes to life! BIM services not only catalyses the structural engineers’ workflow but also aids in the sustainable design of a building in the making. Soft wares used for BIM are Revit, Archicad and AutoCAD Civil 3D all of which produces well coordinated and consistent information based on which BIM solutions are obtained in the industry market.

One of the most vital stages in the entire application of BIM / Building Information Modeling for the project planning is when the design and construction come together. In the entire process of project planning in BIM, 4D scheduling plays a major role along with the building design that happens to play the role of that of a fore runner. With the help of 4D construction simulation process, architects can evaluate various options and choose the best alternative at project design phase. This is truly a value added service that uniquely characterizes BIM services from the rest in the league.

These days the 3D Modeling has been preceded over by the advanced development of 4D Modeling. Many factors have led to the rising of the 4D modeling in the Architectural world. For eg:Â many a times, there arises difference in potential spatial conflicts during design and building construction. And it becomes difficult for the architects and engineers to recognize or foretell the differences using 2D or 3D layouts. This issue is resolved in BIM where in the 4D modeling, the model not only recognizes the various concerns related to space, schedule and sequencing but also resolves them prior to the construction process. This attribute of BIM Services apparently makes it a preferable choice for the architects and the engineers without batting an eyelid.

In BIM services, the 4D Scheduling not only boasts of an advanced combination of assimilating human resources, equipments and raw material resources in the model, but it also helps in the better planning of the schedule, estimating the cost of the project and also monitoring procurement status of project materials. This characteristic of BIM is also one of the reasons why people prefer BIM services over other conventional modeling.

In the 4D model that the BIM services offer, the scheduler gets the liberty to look inside, outside and under the building in order to keep a tab on the progress of the project work. This privilege that BIM services offers helps the scheduler to identify any irregularity and avoid visual incongruities in the representation.

The best revelation of BIM services is that the integration of the 4D scheduling with BIM modeling takes care of time constraints and visualizes opportunities of improvement and investment in the project; thereby helping the owner as well as the project team for better Time Management.

BIM Services stands as one of the most reliable Building Information Modeling solution providers in the arena of building design and construction industry.

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