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Is BIM the next big thing in designing buildings and projects?

Just back from completing a large project in Cyprus. Despite the close connections with UK it's a long way away: 5 hours flying or 10 days by truck (as we discovered to our amazement, sending two 40' artic's over).

I was really impressed with the quality of the Cypriot engineering and design disciplines in general. (But I don't know what they made of us!) And it was both telling and amusing that when I asked one of the Cypriot architect team about BIM adoption levels in Cyprus and Greece that she said ‘Oh yes, we moved over to designing with BIM Model a few years ago!' With all the buzz internationally about BIM (Building Information Modelling) - which comprises a non-linear vault forwards in the way that buildings are designed, built and managed - I have been surprised how little it seems to have penetrated the UK. (The best known manifestation of this is CAD BIM Model software.)

It's been quite salutary this last year or so to witness how the smaller, more recent EU member states seem to be far quicker at adopting new techniques and technologies, which I've noticed particularly in their more avid adoption of interactivity in digital signage for example.

The opportunities (and challenges) for the AV profession that BIM offers seems to imply it's an unstoppable movement. InfoComm has its own eGroup devoted entirely to it - it's worth subscribing to if this concerns you. The Wikipedia entry is nice and tight too, as is the first page of Google results.

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