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BIM Model Structure are the bi-directional link to an external structural analysis program and reinforced concrete detailing design. In addition to the physical building information model (BIM) defined in BIM Model Architecture, BIM Model structure defines an analytical model of the building, composed of geometry, loads, connectivity, release or boundary conditions, material properties, and other project parameters. We will then look at the reinforcement concrete detailing and show how to automate part of the reinforcement workflow, eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

Import the 3D model from CAD BIM Model Structure in Advance Concrete and use its advanced rebar features for automating the creation of all your reinforcement drawings. Advance Concrete is specifically designed for engineers and structural draftsmen looking for complete and easy to use software completely integrated into CAD to produce all their construction drawings.

The BIM Model Structure Suite now includes CAD Structural Detailing, enabling:

◊ Steel and reinforced concrete detailing and shop drawings
◊ State-of-the-art formwork drawings

Steel and concrete detailing and BIM Model Structure can stand to benefit greatly from the integration of this technology well, providing a more complete solution for structural engineering and construction. The new and enhanced features for reinforced concrete modeling and documentation afford more control and flexibility in display, and easier reinforcement detailing. They will help to speed up BIM deployment in countries where concrete construction is the norm.

BIM Model Structure should continue to ease the modeling constraints on structural components. Also, while many improvements have been made for the documentation of concrete structures, more support is needed for their design as well analysis.